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Looking after yourself ...


... is the best gift you can give your family.


“Mothers are like glue. Even when you can’t see them, they’re still holding the family together”.


Mums are truly the centre of their family’s world but are you one of the multitude of mums guilty of forgetting to take care of your own needs?

A new survey* commissioned by Deep Freeze Cold Patch revealed that nine out of ten mums put their families’ care first, while a fifth rarely or never check that their own needs are being met. Yet, mums and mums-to-be can only keep going if they look after themselves from time to time – and that includes look after their muscles.

More than six in ten women experience back pain, while around a quarter have had neck or shoulder pain. Knee pain was reported by a fifth, while just under two in ten suffer from upper leg or rib pain.

Early treatment can really soothe muscles when they most need it. Cooling therapy, stretching, massage and regular exercise can all help, but with such busy schedules, mums need quick and easy ways to comfort their muscles.

An effective method is to cool and soothe the area but sitting down with a bag of peas is hardly practical or palatable for most people. And who has the time for that palava?

This is where Deep Freeze Cold Patch has the advantage – it’s fast and convenient to use and can be stuck to the skin while you get on with your day.

Plus, unlike ice, which can only be tolerated for short periods of time, the patch can be left in place to provide cooling relief for up to three hours. It can even be used during pregnancy**.

Win, win!

* Survey of 1,006 nationally representative UK mums and mums-to-be conducted Autumn 2021 by an independent polling company – Prospectus Global.

** Always check new symptoms with your Midwife or GP.



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