Specialists in family healthcare for 135 years

Specialists in family healthcare for 135 years

Who we are

We are a specialised global company dedicated to improving the health and wellness of people throughout the world with effective, innovative and accessible products. Our UK site located in Scotland, is the home of the iconic Deep Heat brand. Here we develop, manufacture and market healthcare products for our UK, European, African and Middle Eastern markets.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our consumer research helps drive our passion to create and develop meaningful products and solutions using the latest ingredients, packaging and technology, while being mindful of our sustainability commitments and goals. We are specialists in muscle and joint care and Rohto are world leaders in eyecare and skincare. All our products are designed so you can feel the difference when you use them. 

Life is for living and our vision is to help everyone live a healthier, happier life with respect and compassion for our environment and society.

Our History

The Mentholatum Company was founded in 1889, Wichita, Kansas making soaps and toiletries then expanded into healthcare products. It has grown into a global health and wellness company, with manufacturing facilities across five locations globally and products marketed and sold in over 150 countries. The company was acquired by Rohto Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. in 1988.

Founded in 1899 in Osaka, Japan – Rohto pioneered over the counter medicines and consumer healthcare products. It is now the second largest health company in Japan - establishing its position as a world leader in manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, eyecare, cosmetics, skincare and healthcare products.



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Technology matters

Research & Development

Our Philosophy

Supporting Society - We work wholeheartedly to support society, to help create a better world

Trust and Respect - We place the highest importance in earning the trust and respect of our associates and customers

Happy Customers - We delight in creating meaningful products for our customers

Our People - Our people are our greatest asset. Our hard-working culture, spirit of close cooperation, determination and passion drives the company

Meaningful Existence - We firmly pledge to serve our colleagues, customers, society and the environment, and are thankful for our meaningful existence

Continuous Improvement – We are resolved to strive for continuous improvement

Relentless Passion – We take pride in setting high goals