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Maxxing your most active muscles


If I were to say, where are the most active muscles in your body, what would you say? Biceps? Quads? Hamstrings? The muscles we need to smile. To talk? Muscles in your feet or hands?

But would you believe the most active muscles in your body are in your eyes*?

Seeing is so important that it takes up more than 50% of the brain’s functionality*, but so many of us who are fortunate to have decent eyesight take our eyes for granted. However, eye conditions like dry eye syndrome are very common and, although not usually considered serious, they can be uncomfortable, painful and irritating.

Nearly 60% of Brits have suffered from dry eyes, with those spending more time on smartphones, tablets, and computers, most likely to suffer.

When dry eye occurs, the tears that usually keep your eyes wet, aren’t doing their job*. Essentially, dry eye is a vicious cycle arising between the tear film and the surface of the eye (the cornea). As the tear film and the eye surface depend on each other to maintain each other’s health, if a problem happens in one, the other will be affected too.

So, a product that addresses most aspects of the dry eye cycle and breaks it is important. Rohto Dry Aid dry eye relief eye drops are proven to work quickly and last for up to 12 hours. 

Rohto Dry Aid provides a premium 8 in 1 treatment for dry eye syndrome, helping to relieve dryness, soreness, itchiness, irritation, burning, grittiness, stinging and tiredness.


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