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'Prehab - Rehab' - Preparations

We give to tips on how to prepare for your workout

With any physical activity, it’s important to properly prepare yourself to help you go the distance. PT, Toby Garbett and sports psychologist, Dr Victor Thompson* share their tips to get you prepared, physically and mentally, for any event this summer.


Warm-ups work –

Cold muscles lead to more chance of injury so it’s crucial to take time to do a proper warm up. Focus on muscles you will be using doing a range of dynamic, stretches including; leg swings, deep lunges and knee lifts, and don’t forget about your arms. Toby Garbett, PT.

Carbs and fluids –

You need carbohydrates for exercise. I have porridge with milk and carb-rich snacks like bananas. It’s also crucial to stay hydrated so sip little and often. Try a sweet squash and add a pinch of salt to make your own electrolyte drink on a hot day. Toby Garbett, PT.

Work out why you’re training –

Is it to beat a goal time, to raise money for a deserving cause, to prove something to yourself or something else? When you work out your mantra, make a note of it and remind yourself of this in order to stay focused. Dr Victor Thompson*, Sports psychologist.

Extract the evidence that you are ready –

Perfect preparation doesn’t happen. Instead of picking holes in your prep, write down the reasons you are ready – the training you have completed, the distances, the speed or pace. Having this bank will allow you to turn any negative thoughts into positives when you may need a pick me up. Dr Victor Thompson*, Sports psychologist.


* The healthcare professionals involved do not endorse any medicinal product or brand.


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