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The Importance of a Summer Skincare Routine

As the weather gets warmer, schools break off for the holidays and you look to even sunnier climes for a break, it is time to think about your Summer skincare routine.

Keeping your skin protected in Summer is incredibly important, but this message isn’t necessarily getting through to people. In fact, our research shows that 44% of women don’t use sunscreen or other products with SPF protection.

SPF protects against skin dehydration, premature ageing and more serious issues such as skin cancer.

The British Association of Dermatologists recently recommended that people should apply sunscreen for six months of the year. However, only 30% of women are aware of this advice.

If you live or regularly travel to places that are a bit more tropical than Britain, you may need to extend the six months.

In addition to using an effective sunscreen, you can increase your protection from the sun’s harmful rays with your skincare routine.

An effective skincare routine should consist of three stages: cleansing, hydrating and moisturising, according to aesthetics skincare specialist Dr Norman Mohamed.

Women’s health specialist and a member of the Hada Labo Tokyo Skincare Panel, Dr Catherine Hood notes: “If our skin is not hydrated enough, it will become dry, dehydrated, tight, flaky and it will lack the vitality we crave. Plus, our skin is much more likely to develop lines and wrinkles.”

Adding a moisturiser that offers SPF protection is a simple way to limit sun damage.

Not only does this keep the skin hydrated and healthy looking, it ensures that vulnerable areas like the face and neck have some protection - even if you forget to apply sunscreen.

Of course, an SPF 50 sunscreen is the most effective way to protect your skin either at home or abroad.

Hado Labo Toyko have created Water Resistant Moisturising Sunscreen, for the face and body.

Both offer SPF 50 protection, while the face cream contains three types of hyaluronic acid. This means it offers unrivalled hydration, keeping the skin healthy.

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