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New statistics show that, sadly, women are almost twice as likely than men to suffer from dry eyes* and the menopause plays a big part in this too.

Hormone changes that occur during the menopause cause many challenges and dryness issues such as dry eyes**, dry mouth, dry skin are just a few of the issues most women will experience.

Hormones including oestrogen and androgens (such as testosterone), can have an impact on the tear film in our eyes and it’s thought that a decline in androgens, could lead to dry eye.

However, the relationship is still being researched. The rates of dry eye disease are also higher in postmenopausal women.

So, if your eyes feel itchy, gritty, burning, sore, tired, irritated, stinging – or just really, really dry, reaching for Rohto Dry Aid eye drops can help to relieve up to eight main symptoms of dry eye.

Rohto Dry Aid for dry eye relief

Rohto Dry Aid provides fast soothing relief to your eyes for up to 12 hours. Rohto Dry Aid's Tearshield Technology® has been designed to not only hydrate the eyes but also tackle the root cause of dry eyes helping to restore the natural tear film.




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