Deep Freeze
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Bolster and boost your back in minutes

Whether you are a mum or a mum to be, back pain is likely to be something you have first hand experience of. Of course back pain isn’t restricted to mums; men get back pain too and so do women without children. But lower back pain, larger breasts and constantly needing the toilet are part and parcel of the ‘joys’ of pregnancy and even after baby is born, the physical toll often continues.

Here are top three exercises to help strengthen and stabilise muscles to help relieve muscular discomfort in the lower back. They are simple, great exercises that can be done at home, in minutes, with no equipment needed – and they are even suitable during pregnancy.

Before you embark on exercise check there are no medical reasons stopping you from doing so.

#1. Reach-ups:
These exercises help with the transversus abdominis muscle - a muscle that reaches right across the front of the abdomen and out to the sides. Basically, it hugs the abdominals. To do the reach-ups, lie down on your back, with feet hip width apart. Breathe out and tilt your pelvis up. Hold your hands straight up in the air, palms facing each other.  As you breathe out pull your shoulders and your head slightly off the floor as though you are reaching up. Hold for two seconds, then release, bringing the arms back down to the floor. Repeat this move 10 times, three to five times a day.

#2. The Bird-Dog:
Start on all fours, pulling your abdominal muscles in, as though you are pulling your belly button towards your spine. Take the opposite arm and leg and extend them while exhaling out. Squeeze your glutes, keeping your hips and shoulders straight. Repeat on the other side. Do this exercise 10 times, three to five times a day.

#3. Side Leg Pulse:
Lie on your side, with knees at a 90-degree angle and head supported with your hand. Hips, shoulders, and knees should be in a straight line. Take the top leg and extend, so it is now straight. Bring the straight leg up, toes pointing toward the ceiling slightly and pulse for two to three seconds, then bring it back down. Repeat 10 times on each side, three to five times a day.

Plus don’t forget that cooling muscular discomfort such as in the back area can work wonders at soothing and easing the discomfort. Deep Freeze Cold Patch is a convenient alternative to ice packs for long lasting cold therapy and it is skin friendly. The adhesive patch is specially formulated with aloe vera, menthol fragrance and water, in a hydrogel layer. The water inside the patch slowly evaporates over a number of hours to generate lasting, soothing, cooling relief and it can be left in place for up to three hours. Non-medicinal, it can even be used during pregnancy. Always check new symptoms with your midwife or GP.

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