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Mentholatum, specialises in family healthcare and is the UK’s No.1 seller of topical relief products. Mentholatum also produce non-medicinal and food supplement products to help support active lives, sporting lives and later in life.

Deep Heat - Spray, cream and heat patches

Deep Heat is the number one selling brand of topical heat therapy.

The range of Deep Heat patches, creams and sprays are designed to bring fast, long lasting relief to muscle and joint pain.

Whether you are experiencing muscle strains, spasms, joint stiffness or general aches and pains, there will be a Deep Heat product that gives you the relief you need.

Deep Heat creams, spray or heat patches - what is right for me?

The range of Deep Heat products are designed to treat all sorts of muscle and joint pains.

Deep Heat patches help joint stiffness and sore muscles.
Deep Heat cream, including Heat Rub, Deep Heat Max and Muscle Massage Roll-on Lotion are suitable for post-exercise muscle pain and rheumatic pain.
Deep Heat spray can be used before or after exercise to stimulate the natural healing process and help relax muscles.

Deep Heat Warming Belt provides targeted relief for lower back and hip pain.

Can you use Deep Heat when pregnant?

You should consult your doctor or pharmacist before using any medicines, including Deep Heat when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Aches and pains are common during pregnancy, but you should discuss any pain relief with your doctor.

Deep Freeze Cold Patches can be used to soothe back pain throughout pregnancy.

Can you use Deep Heat and oral painkillers?

There is no reason why Deep Heat patches, warming belts or Muscle Massage roll-ons cannot be used in conjunction with other painkillers.

Ideally, you should discuss any painkiller use with your doctor, whether they are prescribed or over the counter.

Can you use Deep Heat on broken skin?

Do not use Deep Heat spray, cream or patches on skin that is broken, inflamed or infected.

About Mentholatum

Mentholatum is the UK’s biggest manufacturer of topical pain relief products.

We aim to help you live a full, active life by providing fast and long-lasting relief to muscle strains, sprains and spasms.

Our philosophy is all about creating a better world and continually improving our full range.

Deep Heat creams, sprays and patches are a key part of that.