Mind Your Back
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Get your flex back


Are you one of the 80% of people who experience back pain?

Recent data - commissioned by www.mindyourbackuk.com , showed that more than half of people (56%) say they experience pain in their lower back; 23% in their neck and shoulder blades; 19% in the mid-back; and 18% in the upper back. One of the main causes of back pain can be the set up when working from home.

Our bodies were made to move, and this includes our spines; a complex set of vertebrae that supports our body and allows us to be flexible and move freely. The Mind Your Back 5 S.T.E.P.S. programme outlines five simple S.T.E.P.S. for back care and getting your flex back.

  • STRETCH – Gentle stretching, even for a few minutes a day, increases mobility and helps loosen tight muscles. Check out 5 stretches here
  • THERAPY – Hot, cold (or preferably both, alternated) or anti-inflammatory topical therapies (rubs, sprays, patches), such as Deep Heat, Deep Freeze and Deep Relief which help kick-start the healing process.
  • EXERCISE – Walking, cycling, and swimming are all gentle, low impact, exercises that help to mobilise your muscles and joints.
  • POSTURE – Check your posture, especially while doing desk work or watching TV, to ease non-specific lower back pain and enhance healing.
  • STRENGTHEN – Core and back exercises strengthen back muscles and prevent localised stiffness and pain. See 5 examples at https://www.mindyourbackuk.com/strengthen

Find out more about the importance of caring for your back.